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Who Should Attend
    Corporate employees
Perception is reality. While this phrase sounds superficial, it holds true for the corporate world, where behaviour, personality, and attitude make all the difference. It's about how you carry yourself in all your interactions, whether it's with a co-worker or client.
    Embassies and Consulates
Etiquette is of the essence here. Names, titles and official protocol are delicate matters, and a thorough understanding of these is imperative during interactions with different cultures, whether it's an official trip or a leisurely holiday.
When guests come knocking, it is usually the woman who is in-charge. The appropriate greeting, the right conversation starters, and the simple act of making someone feel at home are hallmarks of a great hostess. Etiquette isn't just limited to your external interactions, but also extends to those with your family and loved ones.
Catch 'em young, they say. This saying couldn't be more relevant to the world of etiquette. When the base is strong, you can't go wrong. Children infused with etiquette skills grow up to be well-rounded adults who shine in their personal and professional lives.
    Hospitality and Customer Service professionals
Quality is the lifeline of the hospitality and customer service industries. During guest interactions, it is the first impression that counts the most, and if you're in the business of delivering smiles, you need to always be on top of your game. Dealing with customer complaints tactfully is an art, and this course will help in honing these skills. As the old adage goes, 'the customer is always right'. 
    Anyone who wishes to learn social graces
Why be one among the crowd when you can stand out? Anyone interested in learning the art of etiquette will benefit from this course.       © 2015-2016 - All rights reserved