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Our Signature Courses
    Etiquette For Children
The toughest job in the world is to be a parent. Along with love and affection comes exasperation and frustration! Any advice, no matter how genuine, can be perceived by children as a threat to their individuality, forcing them to rebel.

When a certain form of behaviour is inculcated in your child, making the right choice will be like second nature. As a professional Etiquette trainer, my approach to children is akin to a loving friend. I get my ideas across, but in a manner that is non-intrusive, friendly and relatable. I cover a range of topics, some of which are as follows:
    Mom & Child Bonding
It is equally tough being a child. Children often perceive their parents as killjoys, and constant peer pressure makes it difficult for them to draw the thin line between right and wrong. The solution? Etiquette. Catch ‘em young, as it’s said. Mother and child and both parents bonding is definitely what gives children the maximum confidence.
    Daily Etiquette
Is your child glued to his videogame at the dinner table? Does herespect elders? Do you have her full attention when you’re speaking? How does he behave when meeting someone for the first time? Is sibling rivalry getting out of hand? This workshop will take care of that, delving into the four core aspects of behaviour: Care, Consideration, Kindness, and most importantly – Respect.
Does your child’s bathroom look like a tsunami just hit it? Are towels and socks carelessly thrown anywhere? Is there paper strewn all over the study room? Do you need to keep reprimanding that nail-biting habit? Do you see your children sneezing or coughing away happily without covering their noses/mouths? This workshop inculcates a sense of personal hygiene and discipline!
    Dining Etiquette
Every child must learn to practice eating with a spoon, fork and knife and also have the right attitude at the dining table. There are set norms and manners for this. This workshop teaches all that and much more!!!! 
Do you ever find your child not being social enough? Or not making eye contact when talking to people? Or not saying ‘thank you’ on receiving something? Or interrupting your conversation? Or standing with a sloppy posture or folded hands? Or a facial expression that expresses disinterest?Or using swear words when upset or angry? This workshop will sort all that out!
    Coming soon .......
The perfect 18th birthday gift to your child.....coming of age!!!! Watch out this space for more information. Course scheduled for July.

This is merely a glimpse of what the workshop has to offer. In a nutshell, when your child walks into this workshop, he/she will enter as a child but leave as a young adult ready to take on the world.       © 2015-2016 - All rights reserved